Our Company having various activities in the field of Agriculture including wholesale and retail pesticide, fertilizer and seed  distribution since 1988.


Starting from the year of 2000 we go on the sales of pesticides and fertiliser besides the General Distrubition of Ouragro S.L. Spain in Tukish agricultural market.


For the growers aiming the sustainable and marginal agriculture we present specially with High Tech formulated and produced macro, micro, enzymatic and bio stimulant products in addition to the adjuvant effective preparate products as alternative solutions focusing on the selected targets.


Our company has expertise on the increasing of the market value of the agricultural products for the professional use and specific goals by caring about the general quality of the product (calibration, color, hectoliter, brightness, shape, gluten etc) and extension of the shelf life. And with this expertise we have launched into the market many pesticides and fertilizers to the benefit of the growers.


The formulation and the production of Ouragro S.L products are done by maximum care and attention and has a long term technical support of the leading Academicians for many years.


With the awareness of the fact that the quality may not be a coincidence in our organization every step in  the process is observed with the maximum care under the responsibility principle.



Hamza Ali ORUC

Agricultural Engineer M.Sc.

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